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Special W Malt - Weyermann 1LB

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Weyermann Special W Malt is a dark caramel malt known for imparting rich, caramel-sweet aroma and unique toasty flavors with notes of raisins, plums, and dried fruits. With a color level around 115-135 Lovibond, it adds a deep amber to copper-brown color to the beer. It also contributes to body and mouthfeel, enhancing the overall malt character of the brew.

Suitable Beer Styles for Weyermann Special W Malt:

  1. Belgian Dubbel and Quadrupel: The rich, caramel-sweet, and fruity flavors of Special W Malt make it ideal for enhancing the complexity of Belgian-style dark ales.

  2. Doppelbock and Eisbock: The malt is suitable for these strong, malt-forward lagers, adding depth, sweetness, and color.

  3. Porter and Stout: The deep color and rich flavor profile can complement the roasted character of porters and stouts.

  4. Barleywine: Special W Malt can contribute to the bold, malty, and fruity profile of barleywines, adding complexity and depth.

  5. Old Ale and Strong Ale: The rich flavors and color enhancement are suitable for brewing strong ales with a pronounced malt character.

  6. Dark Belgian Ale: The malt complements the fruity and spicy notes of dark Belgian ales, adding sweetness and color.

  7. Specialty and Experimental Beers: The distinctive character of Special W Malt allows for creative use in a variety of other beer styles.

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