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Our Commercially Available Beer

We currently have Grain To Glass beer for sale in Manitoba.  You can purchase our beer at Torques taproom or for delivery through their website.

You can also grab our beer from most Winnipeg craft beer stores like Quality Inn, Beer Boutique, Charleswood Beer Market, Riverside Craft Beer Store, The Tux Beer Market and others.

Creamsicle Ale: The flavours and aromas of orange and vanilla coupled with a rich lactose mouthfeel will instantly remind you of your favorite frozen treat.

Peanut Butter Porter: With notes of chocolate and caramel and a nice peanut butter flavor on the finish. 

Skulls Dark Lager:  This Schwarzbier is very refreshing with a nice dry finish. A drinkable dark lager with a light body.

Walter Malone (Watermelon Sour Ale): Delight in the vibrant watermelon aroma of this sour beer, which melds seamlessly into a crisp tartness.



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