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Fruity Blonde Ale - Grain To Glass Extract Beer Kit

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This partial grain beer recipe kit makes an easy drinking, slightly sweet blonde ale with fruity notes from the citra and mosaic hops.  This beer recipe kit produces approximately 21 liters of beer.

To make these kits you will need a pot that can hold a minimum of 2 gallons of water.  A 5 gallon brew pot is recommended.  You will need to steep the included grains for 30 minutes.  After steeping the grains you will add in the malt extract and boil it for 60 minutes.


Est ABV: %5
Color: 4.7SRM
IBU: 20.3

Ingredients: Light extract, Caravienne Malt, Citra and Mosaic Hops, US-05 Yeast

Brew Pot:


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