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Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 Dry Beer Yeast

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Fermentis WB-06 is a widely-used wheat beer yeast strain, known for its ability to produce a beautiful and delicate balance of banana esters and phenolic clove notes, typical to wheat beer styles.

  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: WB-06 performs well in a fermentation temperature range of 18-26°C (64-79°F).

  • Attenuation: This yeast strain exhibits a medium attenuation, generally around 70-75%, which can contribute to a fuller mouthfeel in the finished beer.

  • Alcohol Tolerance: The alcohol tolerance of WB-06 is around 9-11%, making it suitable for brewing a range of wheat beers with varying alcohol content.

Suitable Beer Styles: Given its profile, Fermentis WB-06 is suitable for a variety of wheat beer styles, such as:

  • Hefeweizen
  • Dunkelweizen
  • Weizenbock
  • Witbier
  • Other Wheat-based Ale styles

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