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Fermentis Saflager W-34/70 Dry Lager Yeast 500g Brick

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Fermentis W-34/70 yeast is one of the most popular lager yeast strains, originating from the Weihenstephan Institute in Germany. It is known for its ability to produce well-balanced, clean, and crisp lager beers.

  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: The optimal temperature range for W-34/70 is 12-18°C, but it is commonly used at the lower end of this range to produce traditional lagers.

  • Attenuation: The attenuation level for this yeast strain is medium, typically around 80-84%, which helps in producing beers with a balanced mouthfeel.

  • Alcohol Tolerance: W-34/70 has an alcohol tolerance of around 9-11% ABV, making it suitable for a range of lager styles.

Suitable Beer Styles: Given its versatility and clean profile, W-34/70 is suitable for a variety of lager styles including, but not limited to:

  • Pilsner
  • Lagers
  • Munich Helles
  • Märzen
  • Bock
  • Dunkel

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