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Coffee Maria 50ml Spirit Essence Flavoring - Still Spirits Top Shelf

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Still Spirits Coffee Maria Essence allows you to craft a rum-based, coffee-flavored liqueur inspired by the Caribbean's rich coffee culture. This essence is perfect for those looking to recreate or tailor a coffee liqueur at home. It blends smoothly with alcohol to develop a deep, rich coffee flavor, ideal for sipping alone, enhancing your coffee, or as a base for inventive cocktails.

To use, simply mix this essence with a neutral spirit or vodka and Still Spirits Liqueur Base "A", then top up with water to make 1.125 liters of liqueur. For those preferring a different sweetness or texture, substituting part of the liqueur base with sugar and liquid glucose is also an option. This method provides flexibility in crafting a beverage that suits your taste preferences while delivering a professional-quality result

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