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2-Row Northwest Pale Malt - GWM 1LB

2-Row Northwest Pale Malt - GWM 1LB

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Great Western Malting's Northwest Pale Malt is a base malt that offers a slightly richer and maltier flavor profile than standard two-row pale malts. It is kilned to a higher temperature resulting in a malt that is slightly darker, with a color typically ranging from 2.5 to 4.0 Lovibond. Northwest Pale Malt is known for its excellent enzymatic strength, making it a versatile base for a variety of beer styles.

This malt imparts a balanced malt sweetness, mild graininess, and a hint of biscuit flavor. It’s a suitable foundation for a variety of beer styles, including: Pale Ales, IPA's, Amber and Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts just to name a few.

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