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Wheat Flakes - OiO 1LB

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Flaked Wheat from Canada Malting Company (CMC) is wheat that has been processed into flakes. It is a popular adjunct grain in brewing, adding body, mouthfeel, and a wheaty flavor to beers. Additionally, flaked wheat contributes proteins that can enhance foam stability, making it beneficial for beers where a stable head is desirable.

Suitable beer styles for flaked wheat include:

  1. Witbier: A Belgian-style ale that traditionally contains wheat, flaked wheat contributes to the hazy appearance and light, refreshing character of this style.

  2. Hefeweizen: This German wheat beer can benefit from flaked wheat by adding body and the characteristic wheat flavor.

  3. New England IPA: Flaked wheat is often used in this hazy IPA style to add body, mouthfeel, and aid in haze stability.

  4. Saison: Brewers may use flaked wheat in saisons to increase body and mouthfeel while contributing to the complex flavor profile.

  5. Lambic and other Sour Beers: Flaked wheat is a common ingredient in many sour beer styles, where it can contribute to the body and serve as a substrate for microbial activity during fermentation.

  6. Stouts and Porters: Flaked wheat can be used in darker beer styles to enhance mouthfeel and head retention.

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