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Vienna Malt - GWM 55lb Bulk Bag

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A full unmilled 55lb sack of GWM Vienna malt.

Vienna Malt from Great Western Malting (GWM)has a rich, malty, and toasty flavor profile. It is kilned to a higher temperature than pale malt, resulting in a color that is typically around 3.5 Lovibond. Vienna Malt can contribute a golden to amber color to the beer, along with a fuller body and mouthfeel. It also provides a mild malt sweetness and complexity.

Suitable Beer Styles for Vienna Malt - GWM:

  1. Vienna Lager: This malt is a key ingredient in Vienna Lagers, lending its characteristic malt flavor and amber color to the style.

  2. Märzen/Oktoberfest: Vienna Malt can be used in the grain bill to add a rich maltiness to these traditional German lagers.

  3. Mexican Amber Lager: It's commonly used to achieve the malty profile and amber color in this style of beer.

  4. Altbier: The malt can add depth and a toasty character to this German ale.

  5. American Amber Ale: It is suitable for adding malt complexity and color to amber ales.

  6. Mild Ales and Bitters: Vienna Malt can be used to enhance the malt character in English-style mild ales and bitters.

  7. Belgian Dubbel: The malt can complement the fruity and spicy notes in Belgian-style Dubbels.

We do not mill bulk grain bags.

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