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Victory Malt - Briess 1OZ

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Victory Malt from Briess is a type of speciality malt that is well-known for imparting a warm, biscuity, toasty, and nutty flavor to beer. It is often used to enhance the malt character of the beer without adding excessive sweetness. Victory Malt has a color range of around 25-28 Lovibond, making it a good choice for adding a light amber to brown color to your brew.

Suitable Beer Styles for Victory Malt - Briess:

  1. Pale Ales & IPAs: Victory Malt can enhance the malt backbone and add complexity to the flavor profile of these hop-forward beers.

  2. Nut Brown Ales: The biscuity and nutty flavors of Victory Malt are well-suited for this style.

  3. Porters & Stouts: It can contribute to the roasty and toasty character of these dark beer styles.

  4. Bock: Victory Malt can complement the malty profile of traditional Bock beers.

  5. Amber Ales: The malt adds a warm, toasty character and color to amber ales.

  6. Scottish Ales: The malt can be used to enhance the malt complexity of Scottish ales.

  7. Belgian-style Ales: The toasty flavor can complement the fruity and spicy notes in Belgian-style beers.

  8. Barleywines: It can add an additional layer of malt complexity in these high gravity beers.

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