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Torrified Wheat 1OZ - OiO

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Torrified Wheat Malt from OiO is a type of malt made by heat-treating raw wheat kernels to pop them, much like popcorn. This process gelatinizes the starches, making them more accessible during the mashing process, thus improving the efficiency of the extraction. Torrified Wheat Malt contributes a light, grainy, wheaty flavor to the beer and enhances the beer's body and mouthfeel. It can also aid in head retention due to the increased protein content from the wheat.

Suitable Beer Styles for OiO Torrified Wheat Malt:

  1. Wheat Beers: As a wheat-based malt, it is naturally suitable for various wheat beer styles, including American Wheat, Witbier, and Hefeweizen.

  2. IPA and Pale Ale: Torrified Wheat is often used in these styles to enhance body and mouthfeel while contributing to a stable head.

  3. Saison: The light, grainy flavor of torrified wheat can complement the fruity and spicy character of a saison.

  4. Stout and Porter: Used in smaller quantities, torrified wheat can improve body and head retention in these darker, robust beer styles.

  5. Session Beers: For beers with a lower alcohol content, torrified wheat can help maintain a fuller body and improved mouthfeel.

  6. New England IPA: Used to enhance haze, body, and mouthfeel in this popular hazy and juicy IPA style.

  7. Other Ales and Lagers: Torrified Wheat Malt is versatile and can be used in a variety of beer styles to achieve specific brewing goals.

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