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Thiol Libre - Escarpment Labs

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Introduce a tropical twist to your brews with Escarpment Labs' Thiol Libre Yeast, designed to produce bold tropical fruit aromas without needing extra hops or adjuncts. Thiol Libre is renowned for enhancing the natural guava and passionfruit aromas in your beer, thanks to the thiol compound 3-MHA.

Key features of Thiol Libre Yeast include:

  • Attenuation: Ranging from 68 to 80%, it ensures a balanced fermentation, contributing to the beer's dryness.
  • Temperature Range: Optimal performance at 17–23ºC (63–73ºF), offering flexibility for various brewing setups.
  • Flocculation: Medium flocculation, facilitating easier yeast harvesting and repitching.
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Medium tolerance, suitable for brews with up to 10% ABV.
  • Biotransformation: Very high, which is pivotal for releasing complex flavor compounds like terpenes.
  • Flavor Profile: A rich blend of passionfruit, guava, and grapefruit notes, imparting a unique and refreshing taste to your beer.

Perfect for styles like American IPA, NEIPA, and Wine-Beer Hybrids, Thiol Libre is non-diastatic and non-phenolic, ensuring a clean and consistent fermentation without unwanted spicy or clove-like flavors. Its high fermentation rate makes it a great choice for brewers looking to achieve a quick and efficient fermentation process. Thiol Libre's updated formula, as of June 2023, ensures no phenolic aroma generation, making it an excellent choice for brewers aiming to craft flavor-focused and aromatic tropical beers​.

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