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The Grainfather Sparge Water Heater

  • $229.99

The Grainfather Sparge Water Heater heats up to 4.35 gallons of sparge water, and is a perfect companion to the Grainfather, because the one thing the Grainfather does not do is heat the needed sparge water. This is not intended to be a mash water heater, as it only has a capacity of 4.35 gallons.  However, it is the perfect size for the Grainfather, which typically needs 2.5 gallons to 3.75 gallons of sparge water per 5 gallon batch. This is for heating sparge water water only, as the sight glass would be very difficult to clean if filled with a mash or malt solution.

Features a sight glass calibrated in liters, and a temperature adjustment knob calibrated in centigrade. This is easy to translate to gallons and degrees F. (for example, suggested sparge water temperature is 167° F., which is 75° C.). It also features a stay warm feature - after the target water temperature is hit, it will keep it at the desired temperature as long as it is on. You will know this because the 'Keep Warm' light will be on. One thing to keep in mind when using this with a Grainfather, it that it draws 1500 watts, so you cannot plug your Grainfather and this Sparge Water Heater into the same 15 amp circuit without tripping a circuit breaker.

All 304 stainless construction, with a robust 1500 watt heating element, which heats 4 gallons in around 30 minutes. 22" tall, 12" wide.

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