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Special Roast - Briess 1LB

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Briess Special Roast Malt is a distinctive type of malt known for imparting rich, biscuity, and toasty flavors with a slight sourdough tang. It has a color level of around 50 Lovibond, making it darker than many base malts but lighter than most roasted malts. This malt is often used to enhance the complexity of the flavor profile and add a deep amber to red-brown color to the beer.

Suitable Beer Styles for Briess Special Roast Malt:

  1. Brown Ale: The biscuity and toasty character of Special Roast Malt can enhance the malt complexity of brown ales, contributing to a rich, deep flavor profile.

  2. Amber Ale: The malt can be used to provide additional color and a unique toasty flavor to amber ales, complementing the malt backbone.

  3. Red Ale: The rich amber to red-brown color imparted by this malt is ideal for brewing red ales, along with a pleasant biscuity flavor.

  4. Belgian-style Ales: The malt’s distinctive flavor profile can add complexity to Belgian-style ales, complementing the fruity and spicy notes.

  5. Porter and Stout: Used in moderation, Special Roast Malt can contribute to the robust and toasty profile of darker beers like porters and stouts.

  6. Saison: The slight sourdough tang from Special Roast Malt can complement the fruity and spicy character of a saison.

  7. Specialty and Experimental Beers: This malt can be used creatively in a variety of other beer styles where a unique toasty, biscuity flavor and color adjustment are desired.

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