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Sparkling Ale - Coopers Complete Refill Kit

  • $47.99

This Coopers Sparkling Ale complete refill kit includes the brew can, 1.5KG DME and a pack of 60 Coopers carbonation drops.

Thomas Coopers first wife Ann, was an Innkeeper’s daughter so she knew a thing or two about brewing. In fact, when Ann became ill Thomas used her recipe, which she acquired from her father, as a tonic for his beloved wife. This tonic went on to become the now world famous Sparkling Ale.

Made in the tradition of the commercial brew, this Sparkling Ale has a deep golden amber colour and full malt driven palate. It displays distinctive fruitiness with banana esters, generous hops, a clean bitter finish and strong creamy head. The perfect tonic for what Ales you.

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