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Sheepdog Black Coffee BBQ Seasoning

  • $17.99

Give your taste buds a wake up call with Sheepdog Brew Co's Signature Black Coffee Infused meat rub.

Coffee is the secret weapon. Its acidity works wonders to tenderize and imbue your food with flavor. But rest assured, it doesn't impart a coffee taste to your food. We believe it's the unsung hero that our dishes have been yearning for.

This Black Coffee Rub is a robust mix brimming with sea salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder. We further enhance it with our special ingredient, coffee, and a touch of activated charcoal. This potent blend gives your meat a tantalizingly dark crust, sans any charred taste, making it perfect for steak, brisket, and any other dish you wish to give a distinctive taste and an appealing color.

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