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Sheepdog Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 355ml Can - Ethiopian

  • $3.99

Sheepdog Brew Co.'s Ethiopian Nitro Cold Brew features the unique taste of single-origin Ethiopian Koke Yirgacheffe coffee beans. This exquisite variety delivers a bright, refreshing citrus undertone, making it the perfect, invigorating choice for summer – or indeed, any time of the year.

This premium, all-natural coffee undergoes a meticulous 18-hour cold brewing process, followed by double filtration and infusion with nitrogen. The result is a sweet, aromatic, and bright coffee that elegantly sidesteps the bitterness and acidity commonly associated with contemporary iced coffee. Instead, it offers a smooth, satisfying flavor journey with each sip.

For the best drinking experience, remember to shake well and pour with vigor. Best enjoyed chilled.

Vegan.  Sugar Free. Low Calorie. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. All Natural. Ethically Sourced. 

Ingredients: Filtered water, Arabica Coffee.

*Must stay refrigerated upon delivery

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