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Sheepdog Cajun Coffee BBQ Seasoning

  • $15.99

Give your taste buds a wake up call with Sheepdog Brew Co's Cajun Coffee Infused meat rub.

Coffee is the magic ingredient - its acidity not only tenderizes food but also deeply infuses flavors. Rest assured, it won't make your dishes taste like coffee; we believe it merely enhances their taste, offering the flavor boost our food has been craving.

Our Cajun Coffee blend is a harmonious combination of spices and seasonings that includes ground coffee, cayenne, paprika, and garlic. This potent mix imparts a smoky heat to your dishes, elevating their flavor profiles.

An essential for creating authentic Southern delights, it is perfect for gumbo, jambalaya, rice and gravy, crawfish boil, or blackened catfish. Furthermore, it effortlessly enhances the flavors of grilled steak, pork ribs, or even your homemade sausages. Experience the vibrant and enticing allure of Cajun Coffee - your taste buds will thank you.

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