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Saaz (Czech) Bulk Pellet Hops 1 LB

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A 1lb pack of saaz pellet hops.

Originating from the Czech Republic, Saaz is one of the most revered and traditional hop varieties, known for its mild spicy and earthy aromatic properties. It imparts a delicate bitterness to beers and is often associated with the characteristic flavor of European lagers, particularly Czech Pilsners. Saaz hops offer a subtle herbal note with a hint of grassiness, making them a favorite for brewers looking to craft beers with a refined and traditional hop profile.

Saaz hops are characterized by a low alpha acid content, typically ranging between 3% and 5%.

These hops are commonly used in a variety of beer styles including but not limited to: Pilsners, Belgian Ales, Lagers, Wheat Beer etc

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