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Rye Malt Bulk 55LB Bag - CMC

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Full 55lb BULK sack of CMC Rye Malt. 

Canada Malting Company’s Rye Malt is a specialty malt with a unique spicy, earthy flavor characteristic of rye. This malt is made from rye grains that have been malted.  Rye Malt will also enhance the body and mouthfeel of your beer.

Suitable Beer Styles for CMC Rye Malt:

  1. Rye IPA: The spicy character of Rye Malt can enhance the flavor complexity of India Pale Ales, complementing the hop bitterness.

  2. Roggenbier: A traditional German rye beer, usually made with a high proportion of rye malt, which is the key ingredient giving the beer its distinct flavor.

  3. Rye Stout/Porter: The earthy and spicy flavors of Rye Malt can add an extra layer to the dark and roasted characteristics of stouts and porters.

  4. Rye Pale Ale: The uniqueness of Rye Malt can bring a different twist to pale ales, adding spiciness and depth.

  5. Saison: The spicy and earthy character of rye can complement the fruity and peppery flavors typical of a saison.

  6. American Rye: Often featuring rye malt prominently for its distinctive flavor profile, contributing to the spicy and hearty characteristics of this beer style.

  7. Specialty and Experimental Beers: Rye Malt can be used in various other beer styles where the distinctive characteristics of rye are desired.


We do not mill bulk grain bags.

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