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Roasted Barley - Thomas Fawcett 1oz

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Roasted Barley malt from Thomas Fawcett is a dark grain that is traditionally used in the production of stouts and other dark beers. It is made from unmalted barley, which is roasted to achieve its characteristic dark color and robust flavor. This malt imparts a rich, roasted coffee-like flavor and aroma, along with a deep, reddish-brown to black color to the beer.

Suitable Styles of Beer:

  1. Stouts: Roasted Barley is a key ingredient in many stouts, especially in Irish Dry Stouts, where it contributes to the beer’s signature roasted character and color.

  2. Porters: It can also be used in various porter recipes to add depth, color, and a roasted flavor profile.

  3. Dark Ales: This malt is suitable for any dark ale where a roasted character is desirable.

  4. Specialty Beers: Some brewers might use it in smaller quantities in specialty beers to impart unique flavor and color characteristics.

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