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Flaked Rice 55LB Bag - CMC

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Full 55lb BULK sack of CMC flaked rice. 

Flaked Rice from Canada Malting Company (CMC) is rice that has undergone a process of being steamed and then rolled to create flakes. Flaked rice is a popular adjunct grain used in brewing because it is a source of fermentable sugars without adding color or a strong flavor. It can lead to a lighter body, drier finish, and higher alcohol content in the beer, making it an excellent choice for brewers aiming to create a beer with a cleaner and crisper taste.

Suitable beer styles for flaked rice include:

  1. Light Lager: Flaked rice is often used in American Light Lagers to lighten the body and color while providing a crisp finish.

  2. Japanese Rice Lager: This type of lager typically uses rice as an adjunct, contributing to its characteristic light and refreshing quality.

  3. Cream Ale: Brewers may use flaked rice in cream ales to achieve a lighter body and a clean, crisp profile.

  4. Pre-Prohibition Lager: Flaked rice can be used to replicate historical recipes that incorporated rice as an adjunct.

  5. Brut IPA: Flaked rice can be suitable for this style to achieve a dry and effervescent beer with a lighter body.

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