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Pomona - Escarpment Labs

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Pomona Yeast from Escarpment Labs is a versatile and dynamic yeast strain perfect for modern hop-forward beers like IPAs, Double IPAs, and Pale Ales. With a flavor profile that includes peach, citrus, and tropical fruit notes, Pomona enhances the natural stone fruit and citrus flavors of your hops. This strain is specially bred for a medium-high fermentation rate, reaching final gravity in just 4-6 days.

Key features of Pomona Yeast include:

Attenuation: A high range of 75-85%, ensuring efficient sugar conversion for a drier beer.
Temperature Range: Optimal fermentation at 18-22ºC (64-72ºF), providing flexibility in brewing conditions.

Flocculation: Medium flocculation, making it easy to harvest and repitch.

Alcohol Tolerance: Suitable for brews with up to 10% ABV.
Biotransformation: Medium biotransformation, particularly favoring terpene profiles, which enhances the aromatic complexity of your brew.

Additional Characteristics: Non-diastatic and non-phenolic, ensuring a clean and consistent fermentation process.

This strain is haze-positive, contributing to a stable haze in your beer, which is particularly desirable in many modern IPA styles. Pomona is the result of sophisticated yeast breeding, combining a highly aromatic strain with a robust and reliable one, and further adapting it through adaptive lab evolution specifically for IPA fermentation conditions. This process has optimized Pomona for enhancing biotransformation and haze, making it an excellent choice for brewers seeking to create distinctive, flavor-forward hoppy beers​.

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