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Pilsner Malt - CMC 1oz

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Pilsner Malt from Canada Malting Co. (CMC) is a premium malt with a slightly lighter color, generally ranging around 1.4-1.9 Lovibond.  It offers a clean, crisp malt character with a mild malty sweetness and subtle grainy notes, making it a versatile base malt for various beer styles.

Given its characteristics, Pilsner Malt from CMC is suitable for the following beer styles:

  1. Pilsners: Given its name and characteristics, it is well-suited for brewing all types of Pilsners, including German Pilsners, Czech Pilsners, and American Pilsners, where it provides the foundation for a crisp and refreshing beer.

  2. Lagers: This malt is a good choice for most lager styles, especially lighter ones like American Light Lager, Munich Helles, and Dortmunder Export, contributing to a smooth malt profile.

  3. Belgian Ales: The malt’s mild character and light color make it a suitable base for Belgian Blondes, Saisons, and other Belgian Ale styles, supporting the beer’s fruity and spicy notes.

  4. Kölsch: The clean and slightly sweet profile of the malt complements the characteristics of Kölsch, resulting in a well-balanced beer.

  5. Wheat Beers: It can be blended with wheat malts for creating wheat beers such as Hefeweizen and American Wheat Beer, where it provides a balanced maltiness.

  6. Session Beers: For brewing session beers and light ales, this malt offers a crisp and light malt backbone, suitable for easy-drinking beers.

  7. Craft Ales: The versatility of Pilsner Malt from CMC allows it to be used as a base malt in various craft ales, where a light color and clean maltiness are desired.

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