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Peated Malt - Thomas Fawcett 1LB

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Peated Malt from Thomas Fawcett is a specialty malt that has been malted in the presence of peat smoke. This imparts a distinct smoky and earthy flavor to the malt, reminiscent of the characteristic flavor of peated Scotch whiskies. The level of peat flavor in the finished beer can be controlled by the amount of peated malt used in the grain bill.

Peated Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles where a smoky flavor is desired, including:

  1. Scottish Ales: Especially traditional ones, where a subtle smoky character can complement the malt-forward profile.

  2. Rauchbier: A German-style smoked beer that traditionally features beechwood-smoked malt but can also be brewed with peated malt for a different smoky character.

  3. Porters and Stouts: Some recipes may include peated malt to add a layer of complexity and smoky flavor to these dark beers.

  4. Barleywines: Peated malt can be used to introduce a smoky note to this strong ale style.

  5. Specialty and Experimental Beers: Brewers looking to create unique, smoky beers might use peated malt in various styles.

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