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Oat Malt - CMC 1oz

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Oat Malt from Canada Malting Co. (CMC) offers a unique combination of creamy, smooth mouthfeel, along with a mild grainy flavor. It also contributes to a slight haze in the finished beer, which can be desirable in certain beer styles.

Suitable beer styles for Oat Malt include, but are not limited to:

  1. Stouts and Porters: Especially oatmeal stouts, where the malt contributes to the body, mouthfeel, and overall richness of these dark beers.

  2. New England IPA: The malt can enhance the haziness and smooth mouthfeel typical of this style of IPA.

  3. Witbier: Oat malt is used to add a creamy texture and body to this Belgian-style wheat beer.

  4. Cream Ales: The addition of oat malt can provide a creamy texture to this light ale.

  5. Saisons: Oat malt can be used in saisons to contribute to mouthfeel and a slight haze.

  6. Barleywines: The malt’s ability to add body and mouthfeel can be beneficial in strong ales like barleywines.

  7. Other Specialty Ales: Craft brewers might use oat malt in various specialty ales to introduce unique texture and flavor characteristics.

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