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Lalbrew New England Dry Beer Yeast - Lallemand

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LalBrew New England is an ale strain selected specifically for its ability to produce a unique fruit forward ester profile desired in East Coast styles of beer. A typical fermentation with LalBrew  New England will produce tropical and fruity esters, notably stone fruits like peach. Through expression of a β-glucosidase enzyme, LalBrew New England can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavor and aroma. This yeast exhibits medium to high attenuation with medium flocculation, making it a perfect choice for New England IPA's and other hop forward beers.

The optimal temperature range for LalBrew® New England yeast when producing traditional styles is 15°C(59°F) to

Lag phase can be longer when compared with other strains, ranging from 24-36 hours.

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