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Nelson Sauvin Bulk Pellet Hops 8 OZ

  • $27.99

An 8oz pack of Nelson Sauvin pellet hops.

Originating from New Zealand, Nelson Sauvin hops are renowned for their unique and vibrant flavor and aroma profile. Named after the Sauvignon Blanc grape, they exhibit similar characteristics with notable white wine-like qualities. This hop variety imparts bold notes of gooseberry, white grape, fresh crushed grapes, and tropical fruit, with a slight hint of grapefruit. 

Nelson Sauvin hops boast a high alpha acid content, typically ranging between 12% and 13%.

These  hops are commonly used in a variety of beer styles including but not limited to: American Pale Ale, IPA's, Saisons, Belgian Ales, Farmhouse Ales

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