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Mosaic - Cryo Hops LupuLN2 1OZ

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Mosaic Cryo Hops offer brewers an intensified version of the Mosaic hop's unique and complex flavor and aroma profile, making them an excellent choice for creating beers with a rich and pronounced hop character.  Mosaic hops are well-known for their tropical fruit characteristics. The Cryo version concentrates these flavors, making the presence of mango and papaya notes accurate and prominent.

Mosaic Cryo Hops are suitable for a wide range of beer styles, particularly those that benefit from a pronounced hop flavor and aroma:

  1. IPAs and Pale Ales: Their strong tropical, citrus, and berry notes make them a perfect fit for American IPAs and Pale Ales, where a complex hop presence is desired.

  2. NEIPA (New England IPA)/Hazy IPAs: The juicy and fruity aspects of Mosaic Cryo complement the character of NEIPAs.

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