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Monster Bench Beer Bottle Capper (Heavy Duty)

  • $59.99

Easy to use and will stand up to years of hard work.

Inch trigger grip" adjustment mechanism - easy to adjust height for different size bottles, and secure locking mechanism.

Can be bolted to a Bench, but can also be used stand alone.

  • Reinforced base and steel Column
  • Reinforced plastic head and metal piston
  • Use with standard 26.5 mm Crown Caps / Caps
  • Has a magnet to secure the crown cap
  • 29mm Capping Head Launch date March 2023

Materials used for the Monster Bench Capper:

  • Steel frame with Polypropylene handle and plastic caps.
  • Silicone type base to held bottle in place
  • Trigger Grip mechanism made of Nylon

Has a pulling lever-type action with the minimum of exertion, accommodating bottles from 3 inch to 14 inch in height.

Full cup 26mm steel capping head.

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