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Mix-Stir Wine Degasser / Wort Aerator - (Stainless Steel)

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De-gas your wine or aerate your wort for a healthy fermentation with this easy-to-use mix-stir tool. Just attach it to your electric drill and in just a few minutes you'll have the oxygen you need to get your wort's fermentation off to a great start for sumptuous, tasty homemade wines.


  • De-gas wine or aerate wort in short 10-15-second bursts
  • Easily mounts to an electric hand drill
  • 22" long, stainless shaft with replaceable plastic blades
  • Collapsible wings make it easy to insert into and remove from a carboy
  • Note: Mix-stir works effectively to de-gas wine and should only be used in a few 10-15-second increments. Over-use will risk adding oxygen to your wine. Will not fit 1/2-1-gallon carboys.

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