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Midnight Wheat Malt - Briess 1LB

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Midnight Wheat Malt is known for its extremely dark color, typically around 550 Lovibond, and its smooth, roasted character without the bitterness or astringency found in other dark malts. It imparts rich color with subtle, smooth flavors of chocolate and coffee, making it an excellent choice for color adjustment in a variety of beer styles without overly affecting the flavor profile.

Given its characteristics, Midnight Wheat Malt is suitable for a wide range of beer styles, particularly when a dark color with minimal flavor alteration is desired, such as:

  1. Stout and Porter: For adding color and smooth roastiness without astringency or additional bitterness.

  2. Black IPA: Where a dark color is desired without overshadowing the hop character.

  3. Dark Lagers and Schwarzbier: To achieve a darker hue while maintaining the clean lager profile.

  4. Black and Tan: For crafting layered beers with a distinct dark layer.

  5. Specialty and Seasonal Beers: Any beer style where a deep color with minimal flavor alteration is desirable.

  6. Imperial Stouts: Can benefit from the added depth of color and smooth roasted flavors.

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