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Melanoidin Malt - Weyermann 1OZ

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Melanoidin Malt is a specialty malt produced by Weyermann, a well-known German maltster. This malt is known for enhancing the body and mouthfeel of a beer, as well as intensifying malt aromas and contributing rich, malty sweetness. It is high in Maillard reaction products, which helps in producing melanoidins, compounds that contribute to the color, flavor, and stability of the beer.

Melanoidin Malt is suitable for a wide range of beer styles, particularly when a fuller body and enhanced flavor are desired, such as:

  1. Amber Ales and Lagers: The malt’s rich flavor and color enhancement make it suitable for amber beers, where a malty profile is often sought.

  2. Scottish Ales: The malt contributes to the malty sweetness and body characteristic of these ales.

  3. Bock Beers: Traditional German bock beers can benefit from the increased malt aroma and fuller body provided by melanoidin malt.

  4. IPA and Pale Ales: For those looking to enhance malt presence in hoppy beers, a small amount of melanoidin malt can be used.

  5. Märzen/Oktoberfest: This malt is often used in Märzen beers for its ability to enhance body and malt character.

  6. Belgian Ales: Melanoidin malt can contribute to the complex malt profile of Belgian style ales.

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