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Maris Otter - Thomas Fawcett & Sons 1oz

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Maris Otter malt, produced by Thomas Fawcett & Sons, is a highly regarded and premium quality British malt. It is a two-row, spring barley variety known for its rich, nutty, and biscuity flavor. Maris Otter has a slightly higher protein content than some other base malts, and it is well-loved for its superior and consistent malt characteristics, including good enzymatic strength, which aids in the conversion of starches to sugars during the mashing process.

Maris Otter is versatile and can be used in a variety of beer styles, including but not limited to:

  1. British Ales: Maris Otter is a staple in British ales such as Bitters, Milds, and Pale Ales, where its rich, malty character shines through.

  2. Porters and Stouts: The malt’s biscuity and nutty flavor profile complements the roasted and chocolate notes in these darker beers.

  3. IPA: The malt provides a solid and flavorful base for showcasing hoppy bitterness and aroma.

  4. Barleywines: The rich and robust nature of Maris Otter makes it suitable for strong, malt-forward beers like Barleywines.

  5. Traditional Lagers: Although traditionally a British ale malt, Maris Otter can also be used in lagers where a fuller, maltier flavor is desired.

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