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Lalvin ICV-D47 - Wine Yeast

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Lalvin D47 Wine Yeast is a high-quality yeast strain ideal for crafting premium white and rosé wines. Renowned for its ability to enhance full-bodied and complex flavor profiles, it is especially well-suited for Chardonnay, Viognier, and other rich, aromatic white varietals. D47 is favored for its capacity to develop ripe fruit, honey, and spice aromas, adding depth and character to the wine.

This yeast promotes a smooth, creamy mouthfeel due to its ability to metabolize malic acid, making it perfect for winemakers aiming to produce wines with a luxurious texture. With a moderate fermentation rate and an alcohol tolerance up to 14%, D47 ensures a reliable and controlled fermentation process.

In addition to its application in winemaking, Lalvin D47 is also a popular choice among mead makers. Its proficiency in preserving and enhancing floral and fruity aromas makes it well-suited for traditional meads, where the delicate nuances of honey are to be highlighted. Whether for crafting elegant white wines or aromatic meads, Lalvin D47 is an excellent yeast strain for those seeking to achieve complexity and sophistication in their fermentation projects.

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