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Lalvin 71B-1122 - Wine Yeast

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Lalvin 71B Wine Yeast is a versatile and robust yeast strain perfect for creating a variety of wine styles. Renowned for its ability to soften high-acid wines, it's an excellent choice for young, fruity reds, rosés, and whites. This yeast is favored for its fast fermentation process and its capability to enhance the natural fruit flavors, adding a rich complexity to the wine. Ideal for those aiming to produce wines with a smooth profile and a reduced chance of harsh acidic notes. Lalvin 71B is a reliable choice for both amateur and professional winemakers seeking quality and consistency in their wine-making process.

Lalvin 71B Wine Yeast is not only a superb choice for various styles of wine, but it is also highly recommended for mead brewing. This yeast excels in enhancing the fruit flavors and aromatics in meads, contributing to a rich and smooth taste profile. It's particularly effective in softening the acidity in meads, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable finish. Lalvin 71B's fast fermentation capability and tolerance to a range of fermentation conditions make it a versatile and reliable option for both novice and experienced mead makers seeking to craft high-quality, flavorful meads.

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