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Horizon Pellet Hops 1oz

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A 1oz pack of Horizon pellet hops.

Horizon hops are known for their dual-purpose characteristics, being proficient both as a bittering and an aroma hop. They exhibit a fine blend of floral and citrus notes accompanied by a noticeable yet moderate spice kick, often with subtle overtones of earthy and woody flavors. 

Horizon hops offer a blend of floral, citrus, and spicy notes with a hint of earthiness, adding a nuanced and complex aroma to the beer that can enhance its overall sensory profile.

Horizon hops have an alpha acid content that typically ranges between 11% and 13%.

Horizon hops are commonly used in a variety of beer styles including but not limited to: American Pale Ale, IPA's, English Ales, Stouts, Porters etc

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