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Honey Malt - Gambrinus 1OZ

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Honey Malt, produced by Gambrinus Malting Corporation, is a unique malt known for imparting a strong, honey-like sweetness and a rich, golden color to the brew. It is characterized by its malty flavor, with hints of honey and a slightly nutty taste. It has a relatively high degree of fermentability and is often used in small quantities to avoid overpowering the beer with sweetness.

Honey Malt is suitable for a variety of beer styles, including but not limited to:

  1. Blondes and Golden Ales: The sweet, honey-like flavor of this malt complements the light and refreshing nature of these beer styles.

  2. Pale Ales and IPAs: Honey Malt can be used to add a layer of sweetness and complexity to balance the hoppy bitterness of these ales.

  3. Amber Ales and Red Ales: The rich, malty sweetness and the color contribution of Honey Malt work well in these medium-bodied beers.

  4. Belgian Styles: The unique sweetness of Honey Malt can enhance the flavor profile of various Belgian beers, including Belgian Dubbels and Tripels.

  5. Wheat Beers: Whether it’s a Hefeweizen or an American Wheat, the honey-like sweetness can complement the wheat character.

  6. Porters and Stouts: In moderation, Honey Malt can add an interesting flavor note to darker beer styles.

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