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The Grainfather G70 All In One All Grain Brewing System - Canada Wide Shipping

  • $2,399.99

The G70 system is designed for brewing larger batches. The 70L maximum preboil volume and 17kg maximum grain bill allows you to make enough wort or beer of any style as a pilot test batch or to share with your friends/ homebrew club.

With the standard pipework, a minimum batch size volume of 40L and a 8kg grain bill is required to ensure the overflow pipework is engaged during mashing which allows for the most accurate and stable mash temperature management.

With the micro pipework, a minimum batch size of 30L and 5.5kg grain bill is required for optimum function. For batches smaller than these our G30 Brewing System is optimised for batches up to 28L.


Comes with a 3 year manufacture warranty.

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