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Golden Naked Oats - Simpsons 1LB

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Golden Naked Oats from Simpsons is a unique and versatile malt. It's a huskless oat crystal malt that contributes a rich, smooth, and slightly nutty flavor profile to the beer. It also imparts a light golden hue to the brew. The malt is well-known for enhancing mouthfeel and body, thanks to the beta-glucans present in oats. Additionally, it can contribute to the overall sweetness and balanced flavor in the beer, without adding an overwhelming oat character.

Golden Naked Oats can be suitable for a variety of beer styles, such as:

  1. IPA and Pale Ales: This malt can be used to add body and a smooth mouthfeel to these hop-forward beer styles while complementing the hop flavors with a slight nuttiness.

  2. Stouts and Porters: The malt can add depth, creaminess, and a touch of sweetness to these darker, richer beers.

  3. Barleywines and Strong Ales: The additional body and richness from Golden Naked Oats can be beneficial in these high-alcohol, complex beer styles.

  4. Saisons and Farmhouse Ales: The malt can enhance the rustic and complex flavor profile of these beers.

  5. New England IPAs: For hazy IPAs, Golden Naked Oats can contribute to the body and haziness while balancing the fruity hop character.


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