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Fermentis Safcider AB-1 Dry Cider Yeast - Balancer Ciders

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Fermentis Safcider AB-1 – your secret to crafting the most refreshing and aromatic ciders. With its delicate profile, this yeast masterfully blends the crisp freshness of just-picked apples with the rich warmth of applesauce notes. The result? A cider that dances on the palate, balancing both texture and taste, ensuring every sip is a harmonious blend of sweet and dry.

Whether you're working with fresh apple nectar or concentrated juices, Safcider AB-1 promises a transformative experience, respecting the traditional cider structure while adding its own unique twist.

Key Highlights:

  • Delicate Aromatic Profile: Experience a symphony of fresh apple and warm applesauce notes.
  • Versatile Fermentation: Ideal for both sweet and dry ciders, letting you cater to every palate.
  • Perfect for All Apple Juices: Works wonders with both fresh and concentrated apple juices.

Try out Fermentis Safcider AB-1 on your next Cider and let every glass tell a story of tradition, taste, and innovation. Cheers to the next chapter in your cider making journey!

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