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Fermentis Safcider AS-2 Dry Cider Yeast - Sweet And Complex

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Fermentis Safcider AS-2 – the cider maker's dream yeast. Expertly crafted for optimal fructose assimilation, it promises not just a cider, but an experience that's notably light in alcohol yet rich in taste.

Dive into a refreshing burst of intensely fresh aromas, harmoniously blended with notes of crisp apple and delicate floral undertones. Beyond its aromatic allure, our yeast takes pride in delivering a remarkably crisp mouthfeel, meticulously crafted to enhance your cider's structural depth.

Try Fermentis AS-2 on your next batch of cider and set the gold standard in your cider journey. Whether you're a homebrew enthusiast or an artisan producer, with Fermentis Safcider AS-2, every sip becomes a symphony!

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