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Euro-Pilsner Malt - CMC 1oz

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Canada Malting Company’s (CMC) Euro-Pilsner Malt is a base malt characterized by its light color and clean, sweet flavor. It is kilned to a lower temperature than pale malt, which results in a lighter color and a delicate malt character. The malt has a slightly higher protein content compared to some other base malts, which can contribute to mouthfeel and body in the final beer.

Suitable beer styles for Euro-Pilsner Malt include:

  1. Pilsners: Given its name, Euro-Pilsner Malt is especially well-suited to brewing traditional European Pilsners, providing the requisite light color and malt backbone.

  2. Lagers: It is a good choice for various lager styles, imparting a crisp and clean malt character.

  3. Kölsch: The malt's light and delicate flavor profile works well in brewing Kölsch, a style that benefits from a subtle malt presence.

  4. Belgian Ales: Euro-Pilsner Malt can be used as a base for several Belgian ale styles, providing a light color and a clean slate for yeast character to shine.

  5. Session Beers: The malt’s light character can be beneficial in brewing session beers where a clean, unobtrusive malt profile is desired.

  6. Light Ales: It is a suitable base for various light ale styles, allowing hops and yeast to play a more prominent role in the beer’s flavor profile.

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