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Pear Schnapps 50ml Spirit Essence Flavoring - Still Spirits Top Shelf

  • $6.99

Still Spirits Top Shelf Pear Schnapps Essence allows you to recreate a traditional, sweet pear schnapps with ease. This essence captures the lush, juicy flavor of ripe pears, making it ideal for home brewing enthusiasts looking to craft their own fruity schnapps. Each 50ml bottle is designed to flavor up to 1.125 liters of neutral spirit or vodka, offering a straightforward and enjoyable way to produce a distinctive homemade spirit.

For a delightful pear schnapps, simply add the essence to a suitable alcohol base along with the Still Spirits Schnapps Base or a homemade mix of sugar and liquid glucose. The essence is gluten-free, ensuring it can be enjoyed by those with dietary restrictions. Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed in cocktails, this pear schnapps essence delivers a refreshing and well-balanced taste, perfect for any occasion

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