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Jamaican Gold Rum 50ml Spirit Essence Flavoring - Still Spirits Top Shelf

  • $8.99

Still Spirits Top Shelf Jamaican Gold Rum Essence captures the vibrant and authentic flavor of Caribbean rum, noted for its complex blend of vanilla, caramel, and oaky notes. This essence offers an economical way to create a high-quality rum at home, requiring only the addition of neutral spirit or vodka. Each 50ml bottle of this essence can flavor up to 2.25 liters of spirit, allowing you to enjoy the rich taste reminiscent of Appleton’s Jamaican Rum.

This Jamaican Gold Rum essence is perfect for crafting traditional rum cocktails like Mojitos or Piña Coladas, enhancing them with its rich and mature flavor profile. It’s also great for creating new cocktail recipes that require a robust rum base. Whether you're looking to enjoy a drink with a tropical flair or want to add a sophisticated touch to your home bar, Still Spirits Top Shelf Jamaican Gold Rum is a versatile and high-quality choice for any home distiller

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