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Elysium - Escarpment Labs

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Escarpment Labs Elysium yeast is specially crafted for the adventurous brewer, Elysium is the perfect yeast for creating bold, flavorful IPAs and Pale Ales. Its unique fermentation profile ensures a clean and crisp beer, highlighting the hoppy characteristics of these styles. With Elysium, expect a dependable fermentation process, resulting in a consistent, high-quality beer every time. Ideal for both beginners and experienced brewers, this yeast pack is your go-to for crafting exceptional IPAs and Pale Ales at home. Enjoy the journey to brewing perfection with Escarpment Labs Elysium!

Escarpment Labs' Elysium Yeast is the ideal choice for creating hop-forward beers like IPAs, Double IPAs, Pale Ales, and even Quick/Kettle Sours. This robust yeast is a strong producer of pineapple esters, lending a unique tropical flair with notes of pineapple, guava, and lemon to your brew. It boasts excellent fermentation efficiency with an attenuation of 68-76%, ensuring a reliable fermentation process.

Elysium operates optimally within a temperature range of 18–26°C (64–79°F), allowing for versatility in brewing conditions. Its high flocculation makes it easy to harvest and repitch, perfect for brewers who appreciate efficiency and consistency. The yeast also possesses medium alcohol tolerance, handling up to 10% ABV with ease.

Notably, Elysium offers a balanced hop biotransformation profile, adept at handling both thiols and terpenes, enhancing the aromatic and flavor qualities of your beer. Non-diastatic and non-phenolic, this yeast ensures a clean fermentation process, focusing on the development of desired flavors and aromas. Elysium's fermentation rate is high, reaching final gravity within 3-5 days, making it a superb choice for brewers looking to turn around beers faster without sacrificing quality.

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