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Devil's Half Ruby Porter - Coopers Complete Refill Kit

  • $42.99

This Devil's Half Ruby Porter complete refill kit includes the brew can, 1kg Dry Malt Extract and a pack of 60 Coopers carbonation drops.

In 1862, Coopers brewery operations were located close to an area known as the Devil’s Half Acre. This rather intimidating name stemmed from the somewhat menacing people that frequented the neighbourhood. As such, it had a reputation for being a place to steer clear of at night.

This devilish brew is inspired by the shady characters of the Devil’s Half Acre. As black as the sinister night, this full bodied Porter has ruby hints, delicious chocolate toffee malt character, moderate bitterness with fruity hop notes and a rich creamy head. It’s sure to bring out your dark side.

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