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Crystal (Caramel) Wheat - Franco Belges 1LB

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Caramel Wheat Malt from Malteries Franco-Belges is a specialty malt known for its ability to impart rich caramel and toffee flavors along with a fuller body to the beer. It has a warm, amber to reddish color, typically contributing color in the range of 45-55 Lovibond. Along with flavor and color, it also adds to the mouthfeel and helps improve the foam stability of the beer.

This malt can be used in a variety of beer styles, including but not limited to:

  1. Wheat Beers: Caramel Wheat Malt can add color, body, and sweetness to traditional wheat beers, enhancing their complexity.
  2. Dark Lagers and Ales: This malt can introduce caramel and toffee notes and contribute to the richer color of dark lagers and ales.
  3. Bock and Doppelbock: It is suitable for adding depth, color, and sweetness to these strong, malty lagers.
  4. Red and Amber Ales: The malt contributes to the color and flavor profile of these ales, enhancing their caramel character.
  5. Porters and Stouts: For those seeking a touch of caramel sweetness in darker beers, this malt can be a good addition.


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