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Crystal T50 Malt - Simpsons 1OZ

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Simpsons Crystal T50 Malt is a versatile medium crystal malt with a color rating of approximately 50 Lovibond. This malt imparts a rich, amber color to the beer and contributes flavors of sweet caramel, toffee, and a hint of breadiness. It’s used to enhance malt sweetness, improve body and mouthfeel, and balance the bitterness of the hops.

Suitable beer styles for Simpsons Crystal T50 Malt include:

  1. Pale Ales and IPAs: The malt adds a touch of sweetness and a richer amber color, which can balance the hop bitterness in these beer styles.

  2. Amber and Red Ales: The T50 malt helps in achieving the characteristic amber color and contributes to the malt-forward flavor profile of these ales.

  3. Brown Ales: The caramel and toffee notes of the malt complement the nutty and chocolate flavors found in brown ales.

  4. Mild Ales and Bitters: The malt can enhance the sweetness and body of these traditionally malt-oriented beer styles.

  5. Porters and Stouts: While used in lesser quantities, it can add an extra layer of caramel sweetness to these dark, roasted beers.

  6. Scottish and Irish Ales: The malt sweetness and body enhancement are beneficial to these malt-driven beer styles.

  7. Marzen and Oktoberfest: The T50 can contribute to the malty sweetness and rich color of these traditional lagers.

  8. Barleywines and Old Ales: The malt adds complexity and depth to the flavor profile of these strong, aged beers.

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