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Crystal 80 Malt - Briess 1LB

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Briess Crystal 80 Malt is a medium caramel malt with a color rating of 80 Lovibond. This malt offers a deep amber to reddish hue, contributing rich caramel, toffee, and slight burnt sugar flavors to the brewed beer. It’s known for enhancing body, mouthfeel, and foam stability. The increased color and flavor depth make it ideal for a range of beer styles seeking these specific characteristics.

Suitable beer styles for Crystal 80 Malt include:

  1. Amber Ales and Red Ales: The malt deepens the color and contributes rich caramel and toffee flavors, which complement the malt profile of these beer styles.

  2. Porters and Brown Ales: The malt adds complexity and an additional layer of caramel sweetness to the beer, complementing the roasted characteristics of these styles.

  3. Stouts: Crystal 80 Malt is used to contribute additional caramel sweetness and color, complementing the roasted and chocolate notes in stouts.

  4. IPA and Pale Ales: It can add a color boost and balance the hop bitterness with its sweet caramel flavor.

  5. Barleywines and Strong Ales: The malt helps in balancing the high alcohol content with its sweetness and adds complexity to the beer.

  6. Scottish Ales and Irish Reds: The malt enhances the malt-driven character of these beers with more pronounced caramel and toffee notes.

  7. Bocks and Doppelbocks: These traditionally malty lagers benefit from the added caramel sweetness and depth of color provided by Crystal 80 Malt.

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